Luxury Player is more than just entertainer. As an artist, he truly followed his own path and created his own lane



EST 2010


Born Stan Moja, known professionally as  Luxury Player is a rapper\ entrepreneur.  He discovered Hip/Hop music  in Nairobi city, Kenya. Circa ’90s. In the language of Swahili “Moja” means “One”. He was nicknamed Luxury Player  by his peers because of his knack for luxuries and taste for finer things. At the age of ten, Luxury Player began writing his own raps and doing freestyle shows. His love for art and design developed early, inspired by hip hop and street culture.


Influenced by Biggie, Pac and Vybz Kartel just to name a few Luxury Player  found his passion in music and cars. Thereafter he moved to New York in the early 2000’s and signed to his  imprint Mercedes Records. The saying “If you want something donedo it yourself” is what led Luxury Player to start the label. From a Sound Cloud release of his “Bubble Bubble up” reaching a crossover audience to recognition from the  sensational Ugandan music king Jose Chameleone, one of his greatest influence to headlining for Tanzanian hit maker Ali Kiba. Luxury Player is not your average rapper. His ability to paint pictures with words and evoke emotions through music is unmatched.
In 2009, he co-founded the production team The  Invisible Assassins . Luxury Player eventually aligned himself with  major entertainment companies. He has managed to reach a demographic untapped by most of his peers due to his strategic partnership, special appearance on clubs and events.


Since 2010 Luxury Player has been honoring the craft of music making. He use only exquisite sounds from different genres  and blend these elements creating unique music. Independently recorded and released.
Luxury Player’s music is about having a good time. However, what really sets him apart  from the pack is his unique sound and style. His swag is prized by a cult of fans, who find  clarity and solace in his tales of  good life told with poetic ism. The rapper built a solid buzz in his native Nairobi and across the East Coast for years before his EP album release.


On July 4, 2014, Luxury Player  broke onto the scene  with the release of his debut single “They Love it”  released through RIDES MIXTAPE. The single was also available  as a free digital download from his website, and was well received by critics. He made a name for himself  performing at pool parties, night clubs and events. “They Love it”  recorded in both English and Swahili was released digitally on music stores and streaming services. It was promoted with his performance  at a sold out event during  the Street-bash Live performance at New Jersey  in collaboration  with rapper Kevo Kevin a.k.a KE 4 
Several days later Luxury Player begun working on his EP album “GAME CHANGER”  The album  features an array of most iconic sound fusions from Hip/hop / Dance hall reggae, Afro-beats, R&B, Soul and other exquisite elements that feel really great”.



On (Dec 12th 2015 ) during the biggest Jamhuri Day Party  taking place @ 803 Lounge 49 Westfield Ave ,NJ. Luxury Player  launched the club banger “Celebrate” taken from the “RIDES MIXTAPE”. It was midnight on Saturday and the club was heating up. 803 Lounge a legendary hive of hustlers and party goers. Luxury Player was warmly received by  top Kenyan promoters in North America  Lloyd Umoja  and Jere Kim-Jahazi . The rapper relaxed for a few at the VIP to meet and greet fans. He popped open a bottle of champagne and toasted the holiday and at around 1 am the crowd had packed the dance floor.   Music was by Deejay Teackles  and Showtyme Odessey



>Luxury Player@ 803  Lounge in New Jersey on a Saturday night

Luxury Player  live perfomance @ Blackthorn 51



In April, 10th 2016 Luxury Player headlined for  American rapper  Cory Gunz currently signed to After Platinum Records, Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records for YMCMB.


 On  June,23rd  2016, Luxury Player announced that he will be headlining the  Chameleone show in New Jersey. After ending a sold out perfomance as a opening act for the sensational Jose Chameleone from Uganda. Luxury Player wrote on his Facebook page:”My big realization came during a performance with  the sensational Jose Chameleone from Uganda. I had a chance to headline for him. I thought Chameleone was a legend who won’t talk to you, but he’s a humble and cool guy”. Say’s Luxury Player.



Luxury Player  with celebrity Jose Chameleone.(CLORKERY/NEWS)


Luxury Player  released “Bubble Bubble Up” and promoted the EP album by performing @ The Pre Summer Jam Brooklyn Unity Festivals  hosted by Deejaye Melod and New Yorks premier Hip Hop and R&B radio Dj Enuff . He surprised the crowd with performing the new single,  they cheered him as he jammed out on stage. According to sources  “Bubble Bubble Up” was one of the best music on the festival stage.


 “Bubble Bubble Up” is  the  record that established Luxury  Player  internationally and still gets him bookings to date. It received generally positive reviews from music critics and a lot of  radio air play, Dj spins and hits online. It was an across—the—board pop smash in Amsterdam, Berlin, Tokyo, Stockholm and several other countries due to the fact that the  beat was a dancehall monster. 


Luxury Player, Rapper  with Hot 97 Dj Enuff



The 3rd single from the GAME CHANGER EP album is titled “Rockstar”  released on Feb,2017 .  The song is a  a feel good club song with a hip-hop/ Dance hall vibe. In the song Luxury Player talks about some boy, (a player hater)  in the hood that thought he was trippin’  Luxury Player kept his cool by kicking back, relaxing to a glass of liquor and smoking purple haze, partying like a Rockstar. The hook to the song  is “Party Party like a rock star, I be switching lanes like a star boy, And I rock’s a body like a rap star, rap star, rap star”.  Luxury Player concludes by  dedicating the song to all his families and friends that passed on. And paying homage to the fallen soldiers”.


“Rockstar”  was engineered by Mikaelin ‘Blue’  and Joseph DangolAtlantic records Lounge studio, NYC. Blue who has worked with the likes of Kendrick Lamar (Interscope, Aftermath), Wyclef Jean (Columbia, J Records), Akon (Universal, SRC),  and many more A List celebs.
Luxury Player’s music is now playing and available on @ Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and all other major stores. His artistic  work  has been featured extensively in various blogs  and  the media including  Spice, XXL, Hiphop weekly, the People daily  mediamaxnetwork   Digital dreams deejays, Niaje, Mpasho, Ghafla and Massive airplay on radio stations.

Artistry and image

Luxury Player’s musical style gravitated initially towards Hip/hop since he was influenced by artists such as Naughty by Nature , R.kelly  and LL  Cool J. At the same time, he also listened to Dance hall  music, and Afro pop In high school, he listened to  RNB groups such as Jodeci and TLC.
Luxury Player cites Diddy, Jayz, Birdman and Russell Simmons as his main Entrepreneur  inspirations. He often says it was  Diddy’s work ethic that made him want to be a entrepreneur. In college he enrolled for acting and theater but later dropped to pursue business.
Luxury Player  (CLORKERY/NEWS)


After establishing his name in the streets, Luxury Player went back to college to get his degree in Business. Thereafter, He wrote a book  “I’M LUXURY” reflecting on his life before and after he become Luxury Player, fast times, business life and insight into how he turned it all around and finally found happiness. His new venture  LUXURY PLAYERS CLUB is a jet set lifestyle brand comprising a number of divisions, including  Apparel + Accessories and much more. LUXURY PLAYERS CLUB   also markets through licensing initiatives and appears on a wide range of consumer products. LUXURY PLAYERS CLUB is a reflection of his artistry, creative and playful spirit. Combining fashion and creativity to express his unique style.



When Luxury Player started making music in downtown Nairobi, listening to Matatu mixtapes and attending jam sessions at Florida night club hosted by Dj Mdosi and Dj Kareez he knew that  music is food for soul. With passion, persistence and using  carefully selected  beats were what his fans deserved. By trying different ideas and experimenting, he found his new sound. His music is a reflection of his street life experience. Hard work, creativity and talent.


Based on his memoir book I’M LUXURYthe rapper, is a self-made man who hustled his way from the bottom to the top, fueled by passion. Between his music collaborations, he has also developed a formidable record as a curator for #luxurytuesday #iloveluxury and #enjoyurweekend online  lifestyle presentations posted on social media and syndicated to blogs. He is also a two time published author and a contributing Lifestyle blogger and magazine editor. Luxury Player’s music is about having a good time and he understands one thing that never changes with Hip/hop, its pulse beat in the streets. -BY MIKE GAFFARI



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Team Luxury Player is composed of seasoned music industry veterans with  cumulative experience in the music industry.We have worked with or shared the same platform with American artists such as  Cory Gunz  (YMCMB), Remy Ma, Papoose, D Block, Zana Ray (Hot 97) Dj Drewski (Hot 97) Trey Songz; and Kenyan artists such as Nonini, KE 40,Shujaa Beatz, DNA, Sauti Sol and many more.

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